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After School’s 2nd Radio show!

Popular Korean girl group After School’s 2nd Radio show!
JORQ set up special “AFTERSCHOOL PLAYGIRLZ RADIO spinoff Orange Caramel’s OreKyara☆Night”
"AFTERSCHOOL PLAYGIRLZ RADIO" a radio show with members of popular K-Pop girl group After School was broadcast back in May.
After the broadcasting, we had many requests from both After School fans and K-Pop fans that they want an another show with After School and we have decided to do it again. This time, it will be 90 minutes long Japanese talk show with After School’s sub unit group Orange Caramel formed with Raina, Nana and Lizzy. They are going to make a debut in Japan on 5th Sept.
They are going to talk about something that fans cannot missed out! Such as Kahi’s graduation, new member of After school, their future activities in Japan and also about other K-Pop groups. Orange Caramel will be honest with their secrets which you can’t hear from anywhere else. And of course, they will share a behind story of their debut single. There will be Japanese and Korean lessons by members of Afer School so anyone other than their fans can enjoy those 90 minutes of the show.
Orange Caramel’s cute concept is complete opposite of After School’s sexy and powerful image. Before their debut, please enjoy their cuteness first via radio.
Title of the show: JORQ set up special “AFTERSCHOOL PLAYGIRLZ RADIO spinoff Orange Caramel’s OreKyara☆Night”
On-air date: Sunday, 22nd July 7:30 PM ~

Cast: Orange Caramel (Raina, Nana, Lizzy …members of After School)
Kotobuki Tsukasa (Film navigator)
Kim HyunKi (Comedian)
***OreKyara = Orange Caramel in short*** 
Orange Caramel’s profile
After School’s sub unit formed with Raina, Nana & Lizzy. In Korea, they are very popular to everyone, from children to adult and even to some of the artists with their cute & unique concept. Orange Caramel make a debut in Japan with a cover of the 1970’s legendary pop idol group Candies’ hit song “My Sweet Devil” This single also includes Japanese ver of “Magic Girl” their big hit song in Korea.
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Orange Caramel Real Voice - Japan Debut Greeting Message

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120627Variety Show “今ちゃんの実は” Afterschool cut

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Amuro Namie & After School’s “Make It Happen” wins Best Collaboration Video at MTV Video Music Awards Japan


Last year, After School collaborated with the ‘Queen of J-pop’ Amuro Namie for their track “Make It Happen“. Their collaborative effort paid off as they won in the ‘Best Collaboration Video‘ category atMTV Video Music Awards Japan.

They beat out Jay-Z & Kanye West‘s “Otis“, Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera‘s “Moves Like Jagger“,Special Others & KJ‘s “Sailin“, and Miliyah, Shota, and Atsushi‘s “Believe“.

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Due to a typhoon in Japan, After School will be delaying their return to South Korea by one day.

A representative stated on the 19th, “Because of a sudden typhoon that has hit Japan, After School is [unable to return as planned]. After School was preparing to board the plane at the Osaka…

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きっと ギュッと 繋げたい
“この恋がひとつになるように・・・” Lady Luck

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Details (so far):
- AFTERSCHOOL performed an additional song, ‘Slow Love’
- AFTERSCHOOL will hold their first Japan fan meeting in autumn
- Orange Caramel will debut in Japan in autumn (Link to their Japanese website)
- Kahi’s family was in attendance
- Kahi’s special stages were ‘Comeback…

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