Instructions to level up on After School Daum Fancafe

Go to After School DAUM Fancafe and log in with your account! 

Once you’re log in, click on “등업신청" , under the "Lv.UP" section.

***Click on the image to view it better***

Nickname Policy:

1. Nickname should be written in Hangul (Korean), max 5 characters (no English word, special character, spaces, emoticons, consonant or vowel, and number)

2. Nickname that contains agent company names as well as member’s names is banned

3. Nickname that is nonsense or contains curse words is banned

4. Nickname that is related/ mentioned other artists is also banned

Please note that your account will not be leveled up immediately, it will take time for Pledis to approve of your account. 

Before your account get leveled up, it should be a green gemstone; after your account get leveled up, it will change into a blue diamond

To check on your account status:

And yes! We’re done! :) If you haven’t sign up for After School Daum Fancafe, here’s the Instructions

Reference taken from PledisBlaze

Have fun! :) Feel free to drop us a message to clarify any doubts! We welcome feedback too! 

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